Friday, April 13, 2007

Three Rules For Smart Perfume Marketing

Follow these three rules and you are very likely to make money. Ignoring them can lead to time wasting, expensive failures.

Rule # 1 -- Don't expect others to sell a fragrance you can't sell yourself.

It's your perfume, can you sell it to consumers -- anonymous consumers, people you have never met before? Can you approach a man or woman with confidence in your fragrance and make a sale to someone who has never heard of you?

If you can't sell your own perfume, don't expect others to be able to sell it. Don't think that just because a popular store agrees to take a small order on consignment you will suddenly be making sales.

If you are fortunate enough to find a store that will take your perfume, you'd better plan to spend some time at that store doing some personal selling. Then, when you have the winning sales patter down, you can train others.

Rule # 2 -- Test on a small, affordable scale before you blow a wad of money.

I have worked with people who committed too much money to projects that failed. Had they tested their ideas on a smaller scale, they might have gotten the data they needed to straighten out their project and take a better shot at the target -- or they might have realized they were headed for disaster and quit while they still had money in the bank.

Thirty years in the mail order business have made me a great fan of testing on a small scale. I have seen unexpected failures where I was sure I would see success -- and I have seen huge successes arise out of the most unlikely tests.

Major perfume marketers, like mail order entrepreneurs, know that only one out of three ... five ... or even ten projects will result in a genuine success. So they budget money for testing -- for trying this and that without betting the farm. The one genuine success that comes out of these tests gives the company its profit -- and its capital to do the next round of three ... five ... or even ten tests.

Be sure, through testing, that you have a winner before you mortgage your home.

Rule # 3 -- Go with your winner.

When the "numbers" -- the sales results -- show that you have a winner, invest in your project. Make your sales while the market for your fragrance is hot. Work it with all your energy. This is the point at which you make your big profit -- and put away the capital needed to develop your next round of fragrance tests!

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