Monday, March 8, 2021

Something important got left out but maybe we can put it back in ... (the money machine!)

Yesterday I was reading about a political fund raising project. An unknown candidate with very little money raised more than $8 million in a very short time. How did she do it? She worked with outside experts and was overwhelmed by the sudden name recognition they achieved for her and the bundles of money that came in.

The story made me think I had left something out when I wrote How To Launch Your Own Perfume Company: A Simple Business Plan but now I'll give you my correction. The book outlines a practical, solid plan for launching your own perfume company with minimal capital. But I left out the part of the equation that put our political friend into the clover. Besides an experienced company that molded and shaped a political image for her, she had another firm that took what the first firm had done and ran the promotion everywhere they knew it could bring in money. Working with experts is what made the difference. Now here is what's missing from my story.

In How To Launch Your Own Perfume Company: A Simple Business Plan I describe a program whereby you can start your own perfume business by producing fragrances for marketers who will pay you up front. This relieves you of the need for substantial capital. If the fragrance sells well you continue to make money by providing the fragrance. For you this business is profitable right from the beginning, at least minimally so.

But for a big payday sales must really take off. How to achieve this was not part of the book but I think it should be a companion volume. What was missing was the introduction of a promotional team. This is what made the difference for our aspiring politician. One team created her advertising -- just as our book will help you do the "create perfume" portion of the business -- while another team took that advertising and placed it where it would do the most good, including in the hands of some very powerful influencers.

So my amended program would be this: set up your business as I describe in How To Launch Your Own Perfume Company: A Simple Business Plan. But find that special business partner who, in a relationship with you, will promote the sales of the fragrances you have developed for your clients. This business partner will be paid some costs but also a motivating commission on sales. And, as those sales come in, you will be making more and more money through your sales of the fragrances to the marketers.

Once you find good promotional people to work with hang onto them. As a team you will be able to take on one marketer after another as a client and both you and your promotional team will flourish.