Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ten steps to creating your own perfume formula -- and one simple step to get it made

    You can't sell a perfume that doesn't exist -- so here's how you can get your custom perfume made in just a matter of weeks. Let me tell you about The Perfumer's Workbook and a company that will make a custom fragrance you have designed, even if your order is very small.

    The Perfumer's Workbook is a computer program used to design fragrances for perfumes, colognes, and other fragranced products. It is used by industry professionals and hobbyists -- and entrepreneurs who can make money if they have a perfume to sell but may know and care nothing about how perfume is made.

    The "big" version of The Perfumer's Workbook used by big companies with big computer systems. It can come with on-site installation, technical assistance, and employee training and the price currently starts on the high side of $5,000.

     But this full version includes features largely of interest only to big companies developing laundry detergents, deodorants, and toilet cleaners. Stuff like that.

    For those focused only on their own perfumes and colognes there is the more widely used "student" version of The Perfumer's Workbook that runs on a normal desktop, laptop, or tablet computer -- hardware that you are likely to own yourself.

    By using the wizards that are part of this very affordable version of The Perfumer's Workbook you can design your own professional perfume or cologne in an hour or less, even if you've never designed a perfume before.

Here's what it means to "design" a perfume

    You may  have an idea for a perfume you would like to create. You may have the smell in your head. But if you want someone to make that perfume for you, you must translate that mental scent into a list of ingredients -- a formula. Without a formula, you can't get your perfume made.

    The Odor Design Wizard in The Perfumer's Workbook gives you a simple, accurate tool to produce the formula for your perfume from your mental image. With that formula in your hand, you can now go to any perfume manufacturing business and have your fragrance made. But first look at the steps you will take to convert your idea into a formula.

Ten simple steps (illustrated with screenshots)

    You can see how easy it is to design your own perfume by looking at this series of screenshots of a fragrance being designed using The Perfumer's Workbook. Just ten steps. That's all there is too it but when you look at the last screenshot you will see how complex the formula really is.

    When you use The Perfumer's Workbook, your perfume will have a similar complexity and you may not have a clue as to what any of these ingredients are or where they could be purchased. It doesn't matter. You now have what you need to get your perfume or cologne made -- the formula.

Now get a sample

    Once you have finished designing your perfume and have used The Perfumer's Workbook to produce its formula, your next step is to have a sample made. Then you will be able to smell what you have created.

    How do you get this sample? When you look at the formula you have created you will be confronted with a list of anywhere from 30 to 50 or more ingredients, each of which have to be measured and blended very precisely.

    Here is where PerfumersWorld comes into the picture. Not only have they created The Perfumer's Workbook, their fragrance technicians stand ready to make and mail to you a sample of your perfume or cologne for little more than the cost of postage.

    How does it work? How do you place your order? The Perfumer's Workbook offers a link you can use to transmit your formula directly to PerfumersWorld. Inn just a few days they will have your sample in the mail to you and you can then smell what you have created. It's as simple as that. And again, the cost to you is barely more than what it costs PerfumersWorld to mail it to you.

What comes next?

    If you like what you have created, PerfumersWorld can make more of the same for you. In fact they can make up any quantity of your perfume you may need, large or small. But you control the formula. It is yours and it is in your hands. If you would prefer to have it made up by someone else, that's up to you. You are under no obligation to PerfumersWorld.

Look at these screenshots and decide for yourself.

    You can see a screenshot for each of the Odor Design Wizard's steps here.

    You can get more insights into The Perfumer's Workbook through the descriptions and screenshots starting that this page.

    If you want or need a perfume to sell, this is an absolutely brilliant way to get it, at the lowest possible cost.


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