Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Chinese infomercial producers are waiting for your perfume!

Would you believe it? In August of 2006 the government of China cracked down on the direct marketing television industry and ordered an end to all those popular infomercials for weight loss, breast enhancement and height improvement. Zao Zhao and Youcheng Ji report that as many as 20 percent of all infomercial producers in China could be driven out of business by this distressing development. But this could be an opportunity for you.

Just like weight loss and breast enhancement, perfume is a high markup product. If an infomercial could sell enough of your perfume, you could make out nicely, the Chinese infomercial industry would be saved and men and women all over China would be enjoying the fragrance you created.

Can you develop a great infomercial idea to sell your perfume? How would you approach it? What would you say -- on TV -- to make hundreds of thousands of people want your perfume? If you can come up with the right idea, you might want to start talking to Chinese infomercial producers. If your mind goes blank ... well ... selling your perfume may turn out to be a problem for you.

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