Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Last winter I made some comments about The Pope's Cologne in a newsletter sent to our Perfume Makers' Club members. The cologne (really a very nice cologne!) was made from a 19th century formula said to have been used to make cologne for Pope Pius IX. The marketing "hook" was the association with Pope Pius IX.

Now another California fragrance marketer, IBI, has grabbed on to an even bigger hook -- a fragrance said to "remind the wearer of God."

Like The Pope's Cologne marketer, the marketer of Virtue perfume has managed to get some press over the concept (and probably some controversy) thanks to the "hook" on which they've rested their marketing efforts.

While some may be repelled by the religious associations for commercial products, the hooks these marketers have chosen have created buzz. People are talking about these fragrances (and writing about them!) ... and these are the first steps in guiding people toward trying the products. After the trials, the fragrances succeed or fail based on their merits.

So my question to you is this -- have you considered your own perfume in terms of a "hook" that can help get it talked about ... sampled ... and sold?

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