Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hooking up with someone bigger than you

I was reading about this fellow in Thailand, a pharmacist who had a new toothpaste. He was making good sales. How? By hooking up with a popular political party, associating his toothpaste with that party, and then selling his toothpaste through the party as a fundraiser for the party.

For him, toothpaste sales were good, so good that he was already looking for a second product to add to his line.

The concept can as easily be applied to perfume if you have a credible perfume that really pleases.

There's no getting around the fact that developing a perfume that pleases a large number of people is not an easy thing to do. But think how hard it is to develop a new toothpaste, a toothpaste that can go up against the giants in the field.

Moreover, if you are a small operation, you don't have to look for a giant opportunity -- just an opportunity, someone to hook up with, that will help you get exposure and profits for your perfume beyond what you could otherwise achieve.

If you are a developer of perfume, and you find yourself with one or more perfumes that people really like, and the number of people who like them is beyond your ability to market, give some thought to marketing through another organization. It might just give you the breakthrough you are looking for.