Friday, October 23, 2015

Opportunities for perfume -- Grab them, Make them

There's a perfume in front of the Marshall amp. You can barely see it but there's no reason you couldn't advertise, elsewhere, that it had been used in this photo.
 I've been working on a song, it's not my daytime job, just a fun thing, and up to now I've done mostly offbeat Christian-themed songs. But this one is a feet-first jump into country music. There's a bit of humor to it and a bit of commercial sell and I'm thinking it could be presented to the world as a YouTube video -- if I can get a band, a cameraman, and some props together. (Needed: boots, hat, dancing chickens and a pickup truck.)

    Now let's talk about perfume. I have previously written about selling perfume by creating an experience. When I started working on this song I was not thinking about perfume. But then, as the words and music started to come together, visual images began to suggest themselves and the project, in my head, started to become more than a song. It was becoming an "experience" -- so why not throw in a perfume?

    The perfume could just be a prop -- it could be seen and not talked about, but by having it present while the song was being presented, some interest could be generated and the perfume might then become associated with the song, and the song might get into people's heads. The song could be a perfect hook to sell the perfume.

    The point here is that by doing something totally non-perfume related I might be creating an opportunity to sell perfume. Grabbing at opportunities is important if you want to sell anything. Here, perhaps, is an opportunity to sell perfume.

    FOOTNOTE: Notice how, besides stumbling across opportunities, you can create them yourself.

    MORE: In the photo above, there is a small bottle of perfume in front of the Marshall amp. You can barely see it. But, if the guitar and amp were being photographed with some celebrity and the bottle appeared in the photo, you can bet that I would make multiple mentions of that elsewhere in my advertising.

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