Monday, April 13, 2015

Is it possible to find a "perfect" name for a new perfume?

There is a standard formula. The name, scent, and marketing must all tell the same story. The scent "is" the name, the marketing sells precisely what the name and scent suggest. This is the creative side of naming a new perfume.

But there is more to it. While you would not rush to abandon a name that fills the standard formula perfectly, there are some additional considerations that can help you cement your sole possession of this name so that nobody else can use it -- unless they pay you for the rights.

By now you're probably thinking "trademark" -- if I trademark my name I'll be fully protected -- and you could be but you might not be. It depends on ... on the name you've chosen and how you are using it. It's not complicated but a little knowledge here can help you obtain more valuable rights for your perfume's name.

If you are an individual or a small company, you're probably asking "What will it cost?" Here the good news is that, if your perfume name isn't already being used by somebody else, you can obtain some very valuable rights to that name without spending a penny.

Of course the most important step in naming a perfume is to develop a name that harmonizes with your scent and marketing strategy. This is about 90 percent of the game. But if you want that extra 10 percent, that extra value that might even allow you to sell your name to someone else some day, read more here.

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